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TV where we help you heal from the root cause.   And today we’re talking about our four-legged for babies.   I have one Debo,  I love him.   I truly love him.   Like he’s my first son.   And this little guy in here is my second son.   And so I want to keep him healthy,  but not having owned a pet since I was a child,  I had a learning curve in terms of how do I holistically take care of my dog and really get to know the unique health system,  right Because all animals are different.

And so I consulted a wonderful,  a wonderful holistic vet in our tribe and did some online research.   And over the last year of having Debo,  my little golden doodle,  I have feel like I got the formula down and now I want to share it with you.   So the first thing, and the most important thing is that pets should be eating human- grade food.

 We shouldn’t have all of these fillers and their dog food shouldn’t be so cheap and full

of GMOs and corn and soy.   There’s a lot of similarities with human health where that stuff damages their gut.   It damages their immune system,  it shortens their life.   So you want to choose a grain-free food.   Whether you go try taste of the wild which is a good brand that sometimes depo gets mixed into his food or you can go with freeze-dried foods.

My favorite brand is  “honest kitchen”.   They’re actually local to San Diego and so this is what Debo gets.   I usually buy two or three boxes so he can get free-range chicken or free-range duck or he can have the grass-fed beef,  he can have some wild fish and so you want to mix your pet’s diet up so they’ll get sensitive to anyone protein,  just like humans can create food sensitivities if we’re constantly eating the same food and that’s it.

 So can animals.   This only has six ingredients.   This particular one,  pumpkin,  green beans,  a free-range chicken,  it’s got bananas in it and they may put some coconut.   So you’re getting this perfectly planned of proteins,  carbs,  fats,  and fibers from the animal.   And all you have to do is rehydrate it with good quality water.   Or you can use bone broth, but if you’re going to give your dog bone broth,  you can add just a few tablespoons to your dog’s food,  especially if you’re using a dry food to soften it a little.   If you have a fast eater,  like my little guy,  when he gets those,  he inhales them whole,  you even chew them.   So I want him to soften them first for him.   Make sure you’re using an AIP bone broth for an autoimmune protocol where you find a bone broth where we love the flavor chefs.


He’s the only commercial one that makes that. And then there’s no garlic and onions,  which are bad for dogs.   So this can be expensive and so some people will complain about the expense of it.   So all you can do is you can look up and see how do they mix these six ingredients together and just home cook your dog’s food.   If you’re going to make a big batch once a week and just change the protein up every week, change those nutrients to vary their nutrient profile and that’s how you cut down on the expense.   It’s just for me,  this is convenient.

Another way to make dog food stretch longer is dogs need probiotics, just like humans.   I mean,  think about what they’re using and what they’re sniffing and smelling in the dirty water they’re drinking and everything.   You know where they’re around.   So I like to use a probiotic goat’s milk formula that you can rehydrate and this actually helps you use a little bit less of the food and so that works.

Or we’re going to link to some other probiotic treats that I’ve researched.   Specific strains of probiotics for dogs when they’re feeling under the weather or you see you look at their poop is a little runny.   It’s like,  okay,  they need some help there and you can give them a low dose probiotic to help their digestive system.   This is something that I love.  I found locally,

it’s a greens powder and Debo gets one scoop of greens powder every morning and his food and it’s kale,  parsley,  dandelion, and milk thistle and spinach.   So animals need vegetables just as much as humans do.   We just have to find safe vegetables for them.   So we mix that in and I love that it has milk thistle and dandelion because just like we detoxify ourselves in our liver,  we also want to make sure our animal’s detoxification pathways are working well.

Like I think about how Depot will run through the grass in parks,  which are likely sprayed with weedkiller Roundup.   So he’s getting glyphosate on this little pause getting absorbed.   So it’s like we still need,  we’re living in a more toxic world than we ever have.   So our animals need detoxification help as well on a regular basis.

I do want to say that when we first got him,  he was getting little congestion around his eyes on a regular basis.   And I took him to a vet that’s integrative.   She’s traditional Chinese medicine and then an allopathic vet,  and she said,  well, he runs moist.   That’s his condition.   If any of your animals run like that,  so you need to give him foods that dry him out,  which is why Ana’s kitchen works so well.   I started at that time,  she told me to make a one batch a week of black beans,  a little bit of pumpkin,  cilantro and celery,  which is very drying,  a little bit of almond butter and a little bit of bone broth.

I just blended in my Vitamix and mixed it in with his food within a week.   That all went away.   So we think about traditional Chinese medicine,  they’re talking about damp or moist conditions or dry conditions,  so it’s really nice just to get to know what the natural tendency of your animal is so you know which foods to favor when they get out of balance.

I also order from only natural I like those guys because they do all things free-range,  so special treat Debo,  we’ll get these beef tracheas, which are here.   They’re free-range.   Actually the trachea of a cow or another animal,  but that’s loaded with glucosamine,  conjoint and to really,  it’s a great snack that’s going to help their hips in their agility and lower inflammation in your pet.   So it’s like every time you’re feeding them right.   Food can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

These are little dental chews that he gets and they’re not with a whole bunch of fillers.   These dental chews have chlorophyll,  which is not only going to help freshen his breath,  they’re going to help detoxify the cells,  and they also have clove,  which are antimicrobial clove oil in them,  and he gets some Turkey treats.   We’re linking to all of this.   And so these are full of Oregon meats.   Animals thrive on organ meats just like humans do,  although maybe we don’t like to eat them as much.   When I consume them,  I consume them in pill form,  but it’s so nice to give them these whole food treats that they love.  One more thing.   Cod liver oil,  so they have the same inflammatory process that we

have,  so they need Omega threes to balance out their Omega sixes and nines,  which is why you’ll give them the wild fish,  but you can also just take a capsule of your own fish oil,  pop it open and put a capsule,  official oil on their food three times a week.

It’s going to be wonderful for prostate gland and function in your pet.   Okay,  so what should they not eat Don’t learn this the hard way like I did.   My little guy got pancreatitis,  he got into the trash and he had a whole bunch of bacon grease and it was a really scary day for us.   So dogs cannot have too much fat.   They have very sensitive pancreas and the pancreas can’t process too much fat.

Keep them away from peanuts and bacon and macadamia nuts and high- fat foods,  raisins,  grapes,  chocolate,  alcohol, coffee,  onions,  garlic.   These are all super toxic to dogs.   If your dog gets a hold of some of these and you know the amount,  then you can use hydrogen peroxide.   You give them a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and it will make them throw up whatever they ate so it doesn’t harm them.   So make sure you have hydrogen peroxide in your doggy first aid kit,  brushing their teeth.

You can brush their teeth with just coconut oil,  but I use it this little puppy gel and you want to brush their teeth three times a week to keep their oral microbiome balanced and keep the tartar down.   Because remember anything,  even with us,  the more plaque that we have,  the more bad plaque,  the more bad bacteria that collects,  that we’re constantly swallowing and that affects the heart.   Okay.  Other things I have

here,  there are natural remedies that they have against flea and ticks,  and so there is just as just an essential oil blend that helps keep flea and ticks away.   So before we go camping or on really big hikes, what I might do is sprinkle a little food grade diatomaceous

earth on his back and in his Fern, his coat just a little,  and then spray him with this.   He’s also on something called Sentinel,  so it’s a little less toxic than those insecticides that you’re giving dogs because what it does is it just stops fleas from reproducing and so then they naturally die off on their own.

 Okay.   Last tip that I have for you for text,  their little pause.   I mean,  what if we were walking around without shoes all of the time The things that

we’re picking up,  we have to be careful also for your own home,  like dogs,  when they study their paws, they’re loaded with ecoli and the things that they step on.   So a couple of times a week you’re going to want to mix a fourth of a cup of coconut oil with five drops of lavender oil and that’s the perfect antimicrobial mix and just rub it into your pets.   Pause and that will keep their paws healthy.

That will keep your house much cleaner.   You can also wipe their feet before they come in the house.   Just like you have people take off your shoes.   You don’t want to be bringing heavy metal and bacterias into your home,  especially if your dog jumps on the couch or the bed,  you don’t want to bring that stuff in there.

So wipe their feet.   You can get um, clear wipes at target that just use water and grape seed extract and that’s going to be a nice antimicrobial wipe after a walk,  especially if they stepped in puddles or poop. The last thing that has worked really well when Debo got neutered or if your dog has separation anxiety is an herbal rescue remedy that you can get in any health food store.

We’ll also link to it,  which is a complex of five different flower essences that really helps them calm.   If they’re scared and thunderstorms,  separation anxiety,  they’re having a surgery or in the car going to the vet and they don’t like it.   This is something that you can just put in their water and have them drink or even mix in their food.   So I hope this

segment added value to you and you are four-legged friend and thank you so much for being here.   We’ll catch you next time on food as medicine, TV.

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