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Subaru Finds Homes For Thousands Of Hard-To-Adopt Dogs

To some,  senior dogs and special needs dogs might seem  “less adoptable.”   But the truth is,  they just haven’t found the perfect family yet.  In the right household,  these dogs thrive.   Plus,  they’re just as loving as any other rescue dog,  if not more.   So,  Subaru has stepped up not only to encourage dog adoption but to specifically help the dogs who have been looking for homes the longest.  This is Subaru’s second annual  “Make a Dog’s Day,”  and their goal is to find homes for thousands of dogs in need.   On top of that,  they’re encouraging you to show extra love to the special dogs in your life.

Make a Dog's Day
Image: @subaruofamerica/Facebook

Subaru Loves Dogs

Subaru has long been the most dog-friendly car company.  Their passion for animals started back in 2008 when they started a program called  “Share the Love.”   For the program,  Subaru donated a portion of each purchase to the charity of the customer’s choice.   They quickly noticed that the majority of customers chose animal welfare organizations.



“We saw that ASPCA was off the charts in the lead,” said Brian Cavallucci, Subaru’s national advertising manager. “It just told us something about our [customers] and how passionate they are about animal welfare.”

Since then,  Subaru has shown lots of love for dogs.   They’ve featured dogs in several of their commercials and they even named October  “Subaru Loves Pets”  month.   During the month of October, they host adoption events in their showrooms.   Last year,  they also started  “Make a Dog’s Day”  on October 22nd,  which is a day for people to consider adopting a less adoptable pet.

Adoptable dog
Image: @subaruofamerica/Facebook

The company has helped over 230,000 dogs get adopted since 2015.   They have also donated over $28 million to the ASPCA.   To this day,  they continue to change the lives of many dogs in need.

A Home For Every Dog

During Subaru’s current rescue dog campaign,  they are taking a special interest in senior dogs and special needs dogs.   So,  they aired an adorable commercial showcasing seven adoptable dogs.   The commercial doesn’t focus on any Subaru products,  it simply encourages people to adopt.   The seven dogs might not look like your typical canines,  but they have just as much love to give.

“When life gave them the short end of the stick, they gladly fetched it anyway. Subaru presents the underdogs,” the voiceover says in the commercial. “Older, physically challenged, these remarkable dogs will never slow you down. In fact, they’re probably wondering if you can keep up with them. Subaru loves all pets. So, we’re asking you to please consider adopting an underdog.”



Adoptable Dog with Subaru
Image: Erin Lynn Facebook

This year,  526 of Subaru’s 630 U.S. dealerships will participate in the adoption campaign.  They are hosting adoption events with around 600 local shelters and rescues.   The events are all held online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.   For every special needs pet adopted this month,  they’ll donate $100 to an animal organization.   Their goal is to help at least 16,300 dogs find homes this year.

If you’re looking to add a new member to your family this month,  visit Subaru’s website to find out which locations are holding adoption events.   Additionally,  they want to make sure that all dog parents give their dogs extra love and attention this month to honor these dogs in need.


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