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  Are you looking for the best toys to keep your puppy busy and out of trouble? Puppies loved to explore the world with their mouth and before they explore your couch or your shoes, you should be prepared with the best toys for your puppy, based on their age and chew-style. Before we begin for the best puppy training tips and tricks, subscribe to the channel and be sure to hit the bell to stay notified when I post new content each week.

Michelle here with How To Train a Dream Dog and the creator of 30 days to Puppy Perfection, the online puppy training program where you can train your puppy from the comfort of home. Now, we are headed to our local pet supply store and grooming shop to take a peek at what toys you should have on your list.

Let’s get going. All right, we’ve made it to Healthy Choice Pet Supply. So we are going to talk about some of my favorite toys that you should be getting for your puppy to keep them busy and out of trouble. So the first things I always talk about are our busy toys or our enrichment toys. These are the kinds that are like our puzzle toys, where you have to put their kibble or treats inside and your puppy has to figure out how to paw it, wiggle it, push it, move it around to get the kibble out.

These are really good and tend to keep them occupied for longer periods of time. So this would be a really good toy to invest in. Then we have toys where you can stuff treats and kibble inside, like the tire toy and there are different sizes for different size dogs as well. We have those, Oh, this is a really fun one.

This is an activity ball and it has inside, you can see the treats can go in here and it does come apart. You’d unscrew, it comes apart. You put your kibble in there and it does have an adjuster so that you can adjust how much or how fast the kibbles come out and the pieces of treat or kibble. Some of my other favorite toys are things like the Chuckit Ball.

This is really good if you’re playing fetch with your puppy. You’ve got the bowl, you’ve got the tosser and you’ve got some of the refills that you can grab over here as well. Different sizes for different size dogs as well. We want to make sure we get the right size ball for our dog so that they don’t choke.

That means you want to get a ball that’s a little bit bigger for their mouths. They can still grab on to it, but it can’t go down their throat and cut off their air circulation. Okay, so we have toys like this, our balls. Then we have all of our soft squishy toys. So, if you have a puppy that absolutely loves to chew and tear things apart and find this weaker, might not be the best choice for your puppy.

Ultimately, it’s not going to last very long. They’re going to tear it apart. It could be something that they ingest and causes a blockage in their tummy, which needs to be surgically removed. We don’t want that to happen. You are probably going to find toys for your puppy that are harder to chew on, like Nylabones.

All right, these are really good or even the bene bones. The bene bones are really good for puppies that like to chew and calm. And Kongs; Kongs are absolutely one of my favorite toys for puppies. We can fill them with fillers and you can check out my other video on Kong filler recipes for more information, but we can really fill these and keep them busy with all sorts of good stuff in there and they have to work hard to get it out.

This is a really good busy toy. It’s also a really good teething toy if you have a puppy that has sore gums. What else do we have here? Oh, Kong makes some really good products like these. These are the Air Dog. This is the hard bone, makes some noise for you guys that can handle the squeakers. All right, so it makes some noise.

It’s a harder toy. This is really good for those dogs that are tough on their toys. I love these kinds of balls right here that your puppy can toss around and carry in their mouths. It’s a nice, harder plastic. Probably a good outside toy so that they don’t break a lamp inside. You can get toys like these that are bumpers that float.

So if your dog absolutely loves to swim, you can grab a toy like this. It’s bright for them, you know, they can see it, they can hold onto it, they can tug if they needed to but these are really good. This is also made by Kong. Jolly Balls! I love Jolly Balls. Jolly Balls are excellent because they have a way for your puppy to hold on with their mouth.

They can toss it around and these are really hard rubber plastic as well. So make sure you get one that’s an appropriate size for your puppy. There are different sizes. And you’ve got one like this that has the rope on it. You can see the different sizes here. Now, if you’re going to get your puppy a Frisbee, you’re going to probably want to get one that has you know, the ease of them to be able to pick it up.

So if you go and toss this one, if you get a regular Frisbee that’s flat on the ground, it’s really hard for them to pick it up. They get really frustrated. So a Frisbee like this, by StarMark, has the little edge on it that they can actually pick up with their mouth so that will be a really good toy for them.

A really good Frisbee. All right. We talked about balls already. We want to make sure we get a really big ball for a bigger dog. And then that means we also don’t want to get the little balls for the big dog because these are choking hazards. So now when you’re trying to pick out a toy for your puppy, we want to make sure that we inspect our toys thoroughly.

So you’re in the store, you’re trying to pick out your toy. I want you to feel it. I want you to hold it in your hands. I want you to kind of give it a little tug, see if it’s something that’s going to be sturdy. It’s so common for us to see super cute toys, bring them home and they get destroyed in two seconds.

So I don’t want that to happen because that could become, again, a choking hazard for your puppy. So the harder material, check the seams on your puppy’s toys. Even after they’ve been playing with them for a while, you’re gonna want to check the seams on them just to make sure they’re not broken down too much where either the stuffing comes out or the plastic squeaker comes out.

And again, it could be a choking hazard so make sure you check your toys. And like I say, invest in good products, invest in things that are going to last. It’s okay to buy your puppy a cute toy as long as it’s going to be safe and last awhile. If you’re going to find toys that are easily destroyed in just a matter of minutes, then that’s probably not a good toy for your puppy to have.

So as you can see, we have all sorts of fun stuff here. This is a Kong Wubba. Kong Wubbas are great because they have this extra, you know, you could be tugging on one end that they can pull the other end. It’s got a squeaker inside. So this would be a really good toy for your puppy to have. This toy here, it’d be pretty cool.

This one has a speaker in it as well as this little hole that you could probably put some kibbles and peanut butter. Some of the Kong filler right here. You can have Kong filler. You could fill that inside the Kong or you could put it in a toy like this. I like to find toys that have multipurpose. Meaning, they’re going to either play with it, whether I’m tossing it or they can be used as like that Canine Enrichment game or an activity where your puppy has to work to get something out of it.

Roll it around, bat at it, paw at it, nose at it, try to get something out of it. So those are good. They keep them busy. They tend to last longer as well. So again, when you’re picking out toys for your puppy, make sure you make good investments, number one. You pick stuff that isn’t going to be pulled apart or ripped apart in a matter of seconds.

And it’s something that keeps your puppy busy for an extended period of time. I hope you enjoyed that field trip. If you’re looking for training tips and tricks, be sure to join my Facebook group, Puppy Training with Michele Lennon. And if you’re looking for more information on teaching your dog new skills and getting them to perform, no matter what distractions are going on all around them, make sure to check out 30 Days to Puppy Perfection.

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